Wade Mackey


-Hometown: Van, TX 
-Undergrad degree, school:  Baylor University 
-One of your hobbies/talents/interesting fact: I make great kombucha.  
-Why you chose social work: I wanted to learn how to expand the use of brain development, attachment, trauma, and sensory processing understanding in schools in order to better meet the needs of students. 
-What you love most about your internship/your role in the BEAR project so far: I love getting to put transition plans into action for my students as they go back to their home campus in order to help create an environment there which will be more conducive to success than when they left. And the students I work with are awesome! 

Relevant work:

2008-2009 Waco Arts initiative volunteer 
2010-2014 Therapuetic Teacher at Talitha Koum 
2015-2015 prek lead teacher at JH Hines K-Ready classroom. Waco isd  and Talitha Koum pilot program. 
2015-2016 K-3rd grade behavioral self- regulation interventionist through Talitha Koum (part time) 
2015-2016 internship at Avance Waco.  
Have been extensively trained on brain development, trauma, and sensory processing at Talitha Koum as well as extensive reading on my own on the same topics as well as attachment theory. 
7 years of experience and relationship building with Waco area children and families beyond outside of  work. 
6 years experience of attuning to children and students in order to meet them where they are at, and then facilitate growth of self-regulation.