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Community Resources

Klaras Center for Families

Klaras Center for Families (known as KCF) assists children and adolescents, ages three through 17, who evidence significant emotional and/or behavioral difficulties. These children must demonstrate a need for intensive services and meet eligibility requirements.
Services Include: Screening; Information and Referrals; Crisis Intervention; Continuity of Care (after hospitalization); Assessment, Intake, Admissions; Skills Training; Counseling (Individual and Family); Trauma Interventions (TF-CBT, PCIT); Family Partner Support; Parent Education and Support Group; Case Management; Psychiatric Services; Medication Training and Support
**Click here for more info on services and frequently asked questions, and contact info.

MHMR Hotline

The hotline is a continuously available telephone service staffed by trained and competent crisis counselors that provides information, screening and intervention, support, and referrals to callers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The number is 1-866-752-3451. Or click here for full contact information including TDD.

MCH Family Outreach Services

Methodist Children’s Home offers family preservation services and foster care through MCH Family Outreach. A variety of services designed to help children and their families is provided through outreach offices in 13 cities in Texas (including Waco). View a directory of MCH outreach offices.

In-Home Services: an early intervention program designed to strengthen families through case management and community partnerships. Services include individualized assessment, parenting support, and referrals or assistance to help meet basic needs and promote child safety and family stability. Staff members partner with families to help support their efforts to overcome their individual and family challenges through a supportive, professional relationship, assessment, service planning and regular face-to-face contact. Please contact your local outreach office for more information about the services we offer.

Parent Education: This program is designed to nurture parenting skills for families with children of all ages. Education is provided on how to meet the needs of growing children and MCH staff can help you talk through difficulties. Please contact your local outreach office for more information about the services available in your area.

Grandparents As Parents Program: Grandparents who serve as the primary caregivers for their grandchildren can receive support in their communities through MCH outreach offices. Services include case management, access to community resources, support groups and workshops. Please contact the outreach office nearest you to learn more about the services available to grandparents.

 Family Health Center Family Counseling & Children’s Services

(Services provided to children and adolescents of all income levels; free and low-cost services available.) Click here for more information

Services include treatment for:  Depression; Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Phobias; Trauma; Life Adjustment Issues; Grief; Stress; Relationship Problems; ADHD ;School Behavior; Anxiety & Mood Disorders; Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD); Behavior disorder (especially relating to school performance); Learning Disorders

 Starry Counseling Services

STARRY Counseling services are available at no cost to families with children up to 18 years old. Counseling services include individual, group, and family counseling as well as parenting classes. Click here for more information

Starry Counseling Strives To: Help parents understand the meaning behind their children’s behavior and work to meet their needs; Provide families with structure, skills, and a safe space to be heard; Help families find ways to connect; Help resolve family conflict; Give parents support in the journey of parenting; Help parents reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect by developing an understanding of their own emotional wounds and helping them find empathy for their children; Teach parents about the impacts of trauma and chronic stress; Help parents find a balance of structure and nurture; Help parents nurture themselves so that they can better nurture their children; Teach parents how to improve their child’s self-esteem; Help children learn healthy boundaries and social skills; Teach children and teens life values; Teach coping and mindfulness skills; Help children and teens learn appropriate ways to get their needs met; Assist children and teens in identifying and regulating their feelings; Assist families in developing healthy attachment; Help improve communication; Connect families with more intensive services if needed

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